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Our recent guest speakers include Dharma Master De Yuan (Jing Si Abode, Taiwan), sister Debra Boudreaux (CEO, Tzu Chi USA), brother Freeman Su (Director, Northeast Region), sister Michelle Neeley (Central Region), Dr. Karmen Long (Tzu Chi Mozambique), brother Michael Siao (Tzu Chi Philippines), and brother James Chen (Headquarter Region). Each of our guest speakers share with us their unique experiences on the Tzu Chi path and their stories and insights along the way.

The Fall 2022 series includes the following topics:

  • July 3: Overcoming Difficulties – The Fifth Ground on the Bodhisattva Path
  • August 7: Manifestation – The Sixth Ground on the Bodhisattva Path
  • September 4: Far-Reaching Practices – The Seventh Ground on the Bodhisattva Path
  • October 2: Stillness – The Eighth Ground on the Bodhisattva Path
  • November 6: Excellent Wisdom – The Ninth Ground on the Bodhisattva Path
  • December 4: Dharma Cloud – The Tenth Ground on the Bodhisattva Path

The Book used for the 2022 series is The Ten Grounds of the Bodhisattva Path: Advancing on the Path to Enlightenment

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The Tzu Chi USA Online Monthly Dharma Study Group, held at 5 pm PT / 7 pm CT / 8 pm ET on the first Sunday of each month, draws attendees from around the US and the world. Each month, different people share their stories and experiences. Each session is 90 minutes long, and includes a guest speaker sharing, a book study sharing, and two short 3-minute sharings as well as breakout sessions where the attendees can discuss the Jing Si Aphorism of the month.